in a Dental Practice

This book is about dental practice TEAM leadership

- how to ensure harmony, efficiency, productivity,

PRIDE and fulfilment for ALL team members

The 7 Responsibilities of a Dental Practice Team Leader

1. Create and Communicate SHARED Objectives

2. Ensure Individuals know their VALUE as Contributors

3. Ensure individuals know how OTHERS Contribute

4. Communicate PROGRESS towards Shared Objectives

5. MOTIVATE appropriately - Recognise, Praise, Discipline

6. Consult Individuals and the Team - RESPECT them

7. Achieve a BALANCE between Task, Team and Individual

72 pages - CLICK on this illustration of the cover to zoom in


The book is a practical guide for ANY team member, whatever their position and personality, on how to HELP their colleagues

This book is not ONLY for "bosses"; it is for ANYONE who ever needs to accept the responsibility for helping others: training, organising or even simply SETTING AN EXAMPLE to newer or less experienced colleagues