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"I, Rick the author, was filling up my car one day when, across the forecourt, a male voice shouted the words "share, care, communicate" at me! When our cars were no longer thirsty, he reminded me that we had met 10 years ago at a VT Conference in Devon and from my teambuilding sessions remembered me asking delegates to shout out those words - in a Liverpool accent!

“I asked if he could also recall their meaning and he replied that he not only remembered them but, because he now owned his own practice, he was actively applying all the principles - and they were working!”

Share Care Communicate!

How to make a practice team WORK!

The Best form of Marketing?

TEAMWORK is probably the 2nd most important factor (after clinical quality)  in caring for patients. AND probably THE most important factor in the

smooth running of the practice - and MARKETING, because..... 

patients will always talk about their practice - for better or worse!

"Share, Care, Communicate" is a practical guide for anyone who ever needs to communicate and co-operate with others - ALL in a dental practice!

It includes: how good are we at teamwork?

the teamwork behaviour checklists

and listening techniques guide


“Share, Care, Communicate” is a practical book

showing HOW to be a good team member:

HOW to Share - HOW to Care

and HOW to Communicate!


This book is a key element in all the kits if you wish

to D.I.Y. - ie deliver teambuilding yourself

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