How Good ARE We ?

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How Good Are We at ...
Teamwork, Customer Care or Helping Patients to Buy?

The key is ANONYMITY. All team members complete a form anonymously to hand in for collating and summarising. Then the summary (see example below) is presented at a team meeting for group analysis without anyone knowing who said what!

In the Example of Teamwork below there are 6 columns for 6 team members, but no-one knows who is who. In this example "People care about patients" and "Happy positive atmosphere" are 1 and 2 - so congratulations all round. But let's discuss "People control their moods" and maybe communications and "minor jobs" being beneath some people!


Use in the same way as Teamwork, but this one is nearly always best if it is edited to personalise it to a practice, depending on the situation at that point in time - what are the practice circumstances and challenges AND what do your patients need?

Our third subject which is very effective for dental practice teams is how we address "ethical selling". We position it as the "responsibility" of dental professionals to HELP (persuade) patients to accept treatments which WILL benefit them.


The mechanics are exactly the same but the subjects are even more tailor-made to the needs of team members and patients

The D.I.Y. Kits for "How Good Are We" are tailor-made by remote consultation with Rick AND he always makes himself available to help in any way - even collating and "interpreting" completed forms - just email him copies of the forms. OR if you would like him to design and deliver a bespoke two hour workshop for you please get in touch.

How Good Are We at
Customer/Patient Care?

How Good Are We at
Helping Patients to Buy?