the Persuasive Professional

“The Persuasive Professional” is a handbook for professionals who need to INFLUENCE others - solicitors, doctors, teachers, SMEs, people in finance, insurance - and DENTISTS - but not only  dentists -

ANYONE who works in a dental practice !

the book has 8 chapters

1. The Persuasive Professional 

2. The Informative Professional

3. The Controlled Professional 

4. The Professional Motivator

5. The Professional Negotiator 

6. Pitching Professionally

7. The Reflective Professional 

8. The Thinking Professional

An average patients wouldn't know if their conscientious, likeable, charismatic, and caring dentist, took two minutes longer on a procedure than a dentist who is a poor communicator (eg, using jargon to show off!) with raw interpersonal skills!

72 pages - click on this illustration of the cover for enlarged view

and if our “competent” and charming dentist was also an inspiring leader

with a great practice team all motivated and working together,

there will be queues of new patients at the door!

Chapter 7, The Reflective Professional, presents Experiential Profiling for Professionals who want to continuously develop their effectiveness as persuaders, influencers and motivators.

Chapter 8, The Thinking Professional, presents 21 “Cognitive Biases” that can warp peoples' perception of reality, eg, “Confirmation Bias”, where we look for ways to confirm our existing beliefs.