new - innovative, easy, non-stressful - fun and EFFECTIVE

An interactive feedback system which identifies how anyone can maximise their success; it is tailor-made to individual roles by transforming the key elements of that role into a checklist of HOW TO DO IT - brilliantly AND BADLY !!!

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Unlike other forms of profiling or psychometric testing, Experiential Profiling shows users WHAT TO DO in order to improve their productivity and RESULTS


Experiential Profiling is easy to learn, easy to use and remarkably effective! The Bright and Dark sides are presented on opposite sides of a reference card with instructions tailored to each application.

How Experiential Profiling Works

It is, in effect, a form of “Job Description”! 

For each application, the 12 profiles (6 Bright and 6 Dark) between them describe all the good ways to behave to be effective in the role being described, egs: positive body language, always consults others AND all the common faults that inhibit success egs: resists change, impatient, impulsive, speaks before thinking!

The Learning is in 3 Ways

  1. Subliminally - the good behaviours are repeated throughout the Bright side profiles, so participants learn from the process itself, eg - that listening or positive body language is required

  2. Acknowledging what you, as a unique individual, HAVE TO DO to boost your success

  3. Learning to see yourself AS OTHERS SEE YOU - this is usually done openly in a group with teammates saying what "label" they think best suits you (usually with much laughter!); but can be done anonymously (writing on cards, for example)

It is also non-threatening! No-one is obliged to tell the truth to others about themselves! As an epigram from the "THINK ABOUT IT!" says: “It is ok to lie or make excuses to others, but always be honest with YOURSELF!”

Key to Experiential Profiling is that NO-ONE is only one type and some will say “I think I am a bit of all of them” (But because this is often to get out of actually choosing, the reply should be “yes, but none of us are the same, so you must be honest with yourself and select one or two (maybe even three) that are your DOMINANT characteristics”

The objective of Experiential Profiling is NOT to “Label” ourselves or others, but to THINK ABOUT ourselves and others in our work roles

We offer 4 applications tailor-made for dental practices:





Personalised for YOUR Practice

When buying a D.I.Y. Kit the price includes a consultation with Rick Whitehead so he can edit as required the profiles of the Types on the Bright and Dark sides to the needs of your intended participants - what they should and should not DO in order to be successful in YOUR practice.

To buy a D.I.Y. kit is £200 for one application or £300 for two and these kits include full (tailor-made) "tutors briefs" as well as the Reference Cards.

BESPOKE 2 or 4 hour workshops delivered by Rick are £500 / £750 (up to 10, extra £30 / £50)

Where we include Experiential Profiling in bespoke training of any kind, eg, Teambuilding, it is a NO-COST option.

Whether it is D.I.Y. or delivered by Rick, Experiential Profiling events  are a stress-free and enjoyable way for team members to analyse HOW they perform at work

- and how they can all improve -

The Reference Cards for each Application are on A5 size laminated cards with the BRIGHT side on one side and the DARK side on the other. Below is an example of both sides of the CUSTOMER / PATIENT CARE card, which you could buy as they are (the generic version) OR if you wanted them personalised for a speciic group - eg for your Receptionists, Rick would be delighted to do it.

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