Teamwork in ACTION Behaviour Checklists

The Teamwork in Action Self Analysis Checklist was designed to be used formally for reflection and group discussions after experiential tasks and exercises on Impetus courses and workshops.

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AND to be used after any event where people have been working together. egs: a discussion between two or more people or during a team meeting, or one-on-one reviews or individual private reflection. So you might be discussing any practice issue - strategic, organisational, challenges, etc, where you should have been working as a team!

AND it is now in all our D.I.Y. Resources kits where it is presented on a card with ME AS AN INDIVIDUAL on one side and THE TEAM AS A TEAM on the other. Or if you want the checklists on their own they are available in packs of 20 for £20. 

Therefore (see below) all the bullet points are in the past tense, thinking about what DID happen, while of course, for ongoing mindfulness, you can in your mind convert any point into the continuous present tense eg, "do I USUALLY decide to be interested and active?" or "IS everyone usually involved?"