Self Help Books 

by Rick Whitehead

"All my books are the result of my continuing observations of people in practices who are 'just trying to do a good job', often in difficult circumstances,

for I am talking about the REALITIES of life in a 21st century post-pandemic dental practice. All books are hopefully easy (even fun) to read by

team members in any role and can be used for self development by individuals AND for the team as a team. By definition the principles I present define

my approach and attitude - so, after reading a book, if you think the principles are relevant in your practice and like my style, please get in touch!" 

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Choosing a Book
Four of the books have been written for dental professionals - tailor-made to their “world”. The others are THINK ABOUT IT! for anyone and the Persuasive Professional for professionals who need the skills of persuasion to, for example, encourage patients to accept treatment plans!

None are text books, or "academic" in any way. They are all SELF HELP books - conceived to help readers grow, especially in their interactive and strategic abilities. And not only in their workplaces, but also in social and family situations. 

Team Members can HELP EACH OTHER to Learn. All books can be used for both SELF Development and “Group Therapy” to help people see themselves as OTHERS see them - eg, does a dentist know he frightens others with his manner? !

CLICK the links above to find out more about each book.

USING the Books

Everyone should read THINK ABOUT IT! first. Be honest with yourself - what you like and dislike; what (who) you are afraid of; what you want out of your job and your life.

Then Leaders could study JANUS and Leadership in a Dental Practice and, if wanting to improve “selling” treatments, might study HELPING Patients to Buy, as might a Patient Co-ordinator - and ALL need to Share, Care and Communicate! 

Prices and Payment

Books are £10 each; purchases of 5 or more are £8 each (any mix of titles). Books required for courses and workshops, either in-house (D.I.Y.) or presented by Rick, are included in the fee. Until our planned web shop is up and running, please email/call Rick to order and we will invoice you in the old fashioned way!