Janus Creative Planning


- for dental professionals -


JANUS is VISUALISATION technique that anyone can use to improve their circumstances - work or personal.

And JANUS can take no TIME! Because it is easy to learn and apply, it quickly becomes a NEW WAY OF THINKING. Instead of it taking extra time, you will find yourself instantly visualising and describing in your mind positive outcomes - and the resulting image (eg of the now convinced and admiring patient) will spur you on!

60 pages - CLICK on this illustration of the cover for enlarged view

How to Visualise Success to make it happen


A wonderful thing about JANUS is that, simply by thinking a little differently, ANYONE can use it because it - including in a group - like meetings.

patient care  -  practice culture and working conditions  -  teambuilding, teamworking, team spirit  -  individual development leadership and management  -  achieving practice business objectives, strategy, marketing  -  PROBLEM SOLVING