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THINK ABOUT IT! is a Self-Help book containing 60 thought-provoking epigrams which help people reflect and learn about themselves.

It is an “ethical” and “caring” SELF help book! This may seem a contradiction, but helping others can be “selfish” because of the satisfaction and rewards it brings!

How do YOU feel when a patient expresses genuine gratitude and affection for you and the practice? THINK ABOUT that! 

How to use the book: it's great for "flicking though"; or choose one section/step first; or study the index; the choice is yours! But please note that, though you may laugh out loud frequently, ALL epigrams are SERIOUS - to provide guidance as well as amusement.

This book is great for team meetings - to get to know and help each other and "see ourselves as others see us" - lots of fun as well as tailored learning!

48 pages - click on this illustration of the cover for enlarged view

Some example epigrams to THINK ABOUT ....

  • number   1 - you can only control what you can control, but YOU CAN CONTROL what you can control.

  • number 18 - the comfort zone can be tempting, but it's CHALLENGE, even fear, which helps us grow as people.

  • number 20 - when the “what’s the point” moments hit, ask yourself “what IS the point?” Why ARE you doing what you’re doing? 

  • number 37 - now here's an original thought, the other person (eg a patient) MIGHT BE RIGHT !

  • number 39 - the best way to diffuse an argument is to APOLOGISE to the other person - even when they're wrong!

  • number 47 - trust and believe others ALL THE TIME - life is more relaxing and fulfilling than being paranoid!

The last two - numbers 39 and 47 - are especially good examples to THINK about, because they appear counter-intuitive at first. But they ARE true and may apply to you - especially with patients - THINK ABOUT IT!

CONTENTS - there are 5 sections/steps, each containing 12 epigrams:

1 Creative Positive Thinking; 2 Managing Your Comfort Zone; 3 Developing Your TRUE Potential; 4 Influencing, Engaging, Inspiring; 5 Strategic Creative Planning

An introduction advises how to use the book and there is an INDEX at the back of 10 topics identifying epigrams that could apply to each. The 10 Topics are:



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