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D.I.Y. Task “The Moonlanding”

- indoors - 60 minutes - 4 to 6 in each of two or more competing teams - £250

A great task for helping team members engage with each other and learn and practise key skills - especially LISTENING, DEBATING and TEAMWORKING. In Part 1 (illustrated below) individuals choose 12 out of 30 items to take with them on a mission to the moon and then, in Part 2, having made their individual choices, each team must discuss and AGREE on 12 items to take - and prioritise them! Teams then present and justify their decisions and the tutor leads a discussion trying to focus not on the decisions, but HOW teams debated and worked as a team - leading into serious reflection using the Teamwork Behaviour Checklists. 

Part 3 (optional depending on numbers and time available) is where you try to achieve unanimous agreement between all TEAMS. 

NB: this rarely happens but illustrates how well teams stick together - even if they argued amongst themselves initially in Part 2 !

The D.I.Y. Kit includes the Assertiveness and Listening questionnaires.