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-   helping dental practice teams help their patients in “New Normal” times !

a TWO HOUR Learning Module; ideal numbers 2 to 6


The PERSUASIVE Professional

  • delegates develop their ability to advise and persuade, rather "tell" patients what they should do!

WHO Should Attend

practice leadership and management, patient co-ordinators, other senior staff

HOW the Module Works

the Persuasive Professional is a self development book; this module is used to kick-start the process byhelping people understand how they as individuals can use it as is applicable to them - their personality and job role.

An Example 2 hour Agenda

  • introductions, CPD Objectives, H&S, programme content and style

personalised for 4 to 6 delegates to kick-start a self development process

  • issue of "The Persuasive Professional"; round table introductory discussion on each delegate's perceived priorities

A module based on Rick Whitehead's book "The Persuasive Professional", written for anyone who, needs to influence, motivate and persuade others - and the more effectively they do this, the more successful they will be.

  • "group therapy" for each delegate to truly accept what her/his own priorities  are - for learning and developing in order to HELP patients

  • people will be persuaded if they can accept new information and advice from someone they instinctively believe - a dental professional SHOULD be that person - IF they don't project as condescending or "telling"!

  • discussion to "buddy-up" delegates based on their priorities

  • in pairs discuss and agree the situations they need to prioritise

  • open forum on different chapters in the book as time allows; agreement on how Rick will follow up to help delegates

  • introduction to "Experiential Profiling for Persuasive Professionals" and individual completion of exercises on page 3 of the book

1. the Persuasive Professional

2. the Informative Professional

3. the Controlled Professional

4. the Professional Motivator


5. the Professional Negotiator

6. Pitching & Presenting Professionally

7. the Reflective Professional (Bright and

The 7 chapters in the book are:

Dark side reference card inside cover)

Call Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889 or email him to discuss possibilities

Who will be more successful - a dentist who is good clinically AND charming, persuasive and loved by patients  or a dentist who is more brilliant clinically, but is brusque with staff and uses language patients don't understand?

"Just trying harder MAY be enough - much better to think of DIFFERENT ways"   (from the book "THINK ABOUT IT!")

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