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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 

Our Really Spooky Halloween Offer

Please go to Reference Books to see our unique range of books, including "Share Care, Communicate"

and a "Little Book of Epigrams", which help participants learn while on their course AND afterwards

a happy, engaged and PROUD team is a PRODUCTIVE team

thanks to the support of our partners, Dental Business Solutions, our ongoing special offer is .......

£545 for 12 participants - extra £20 each (normal £840 for up to 12 - extra £40 each)

and for smaller teams: £545 LESS £25 per head for less than 12 participants (minimum 6)

£605 for a team of 15;  £705 for a team of 20  

£805 for a team of 25;  £905 for a team of 30

For smaller teams ...

Prices include vat - and .....

  • 7 hours verifiable CPD for each participant

  • copies of the handbooks "Share, Care, Communicate" and a "Little Book of Epigrams" 

  • an 100% tailor-made programme for your practice via a research visit by Rick to consult with management and as many of the team as possible

OUR GUARANTEE - we only invoice a £200 deposit and the balance after your training IF YOU ARE SATISFIED

£495 for a team of 10;  £445 for 8;  £395 for 6

Some Examples....

a tailor-made SERIOUS Teambuilding day

for just £350 for smaller teams of up to 6 and

£450 for up to 12 team members (extra £15 each)

the teeth are rising from the dead! going bats for team training

available on events booked before end of 2018 for delivery in 2019