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Verifiable CPD designed to maximise camaraderie, commitment, fulfilment  and PRIDE - in EVERY member of your practice TEAM 


Janus Creative Planning® is a technique which can be applied to both strategic goals and everyday challenges to provide creative ideas on WHAT TO DO to achieve way beyond “normal” aspirations.

the POWER of JANUS Creative Planning®

JANUS Creative Planning®

more for patients...        more for the team...      more for the business

there’s no such

thing as a

problem .....

achieve practice productivity goals, egs...

... chair occupancy, plan membership, private treatments

improve team skills, relationships and motivation, egs...

... communications, patient care, selling skills

manage the team and team members, egs...

... appraisal, discipline, recruitment, teamwork, motivation

solve problems, find solutions, meet challenges, egs...

... resolve conflict, cut costs, growth, meet competition

Please telephone Rick Whitehead on 01494 589 889

or 07831 345 373 to discuss how JANUS could

benefit you and your practice.

Another very enjoyable way of learning Janus and developing your practice team leadership and management skills at the same time is by attending our open course "Creative Leadership in the Dental Practice" - a two day (one night) all-action experience - see our Leadership page

... unless you don't know

what to do !

  • anyone can be creative - just reject the first idea you think of

  • the short cut to a dead end is the way you've always done it

  • be optimistic: your glass is half full; but it is ONLY half full

  • the best way to win an argument is to apologise!

  • now here's an original thought ..the other person might be right!

  • calling a spade a spade is ok ..unless it's a bucket!

  • you can only control what you can control ..but you CAN control what you can control !

An integral ingredient in the JANUS Creative Planning® Tool Kit is the "Little Book of Epigrams" - 50 original, amusing, but serious, sayings to help people reflect, DECIDE to be more creative and learn how to fulfill their TRUE potential; some examples.......

Janus CREATIVE Planning® - four hour, or full day bespoke courses in the practice, or personal coaching - for ambitious/entrepreneurial practice owners and managers

AND for Personal Development - SELF IMPROVEMENT...

... for any member of the team


to achieve your vision of the ideal future for your practice

Janus CREATIVE Planning® is easy to learn and easy to apply - AND gets IMMEDIATE results

a powerful new tool for AMBITIOUS dental professionals who want MORE

We can make a significant contribution to practice growth or transformation with our unique Janus Creative Planning®

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