Janus Creative Planning




  • so day-to-day challenges can be managed more creatively and confidently with just a pause for thought - and maybe a quick preparatory note


WHO Should Attend

practice leadership and management.

  • Janus Creative Planning® is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use technique that quickly becomes a new way of thinking

HOW the Module Works

  • the workshop concentrates on current real challenges facing delegates who are briefed before the event how to choose suitable topics (scenarios)

An Example 2 hour Janus Creative Planning® workshop

  • agreement on how Rick will follow up to help delegates make it happen!

(tailor-made for the four practice leaders - 3 partners, 1 manager)

  • issue of  “Janus Creative Planning for AMBITIOUS Dental Professionals” with an introduction to the principles and benefits in a dental practice

  • the book  “Janus Creative Planning for AMBITIOUS Dental Professionals” is issued to each delegate and used throughout the workshop

Janus is a unique visualisation technique with almost limitless uses - from short term, egs: how to solve a problem, or discipline someone, or manage a difficult patient; to designing a long term growth plan

  • working in pairs, delegates transform their scenario subjects into visualisations of ideal outcomes

  • AND it can be used for really creative longer term planning eg, where do we want the practice to be this time next year?

  • after debrief a discussion, using books, on "pragmatic creative thinking" and then, back in pairs to ask "what MUST have happened?" and create plans they ARE going to implement

  • round table on prepared scenarios; agreement on ones to prioritise

  • round table on these plans with everyone helping each other and, as time allows, discussion other possible applications in the practice

  • Janus is one of those "it's obvious when you think about it" techniques that, despite its simplicity, is remarkably effective!

  • the full two hours are devoted to delegates working with their own scenarios - to create plans for immediate implementation 

  • individual completion of exercises in chapter 1 of the book

Janus can help you: achieve practice productivity goals - egs: more patients, chair occupancy, plan membership, high yield dentistry; improve team skills, relationships and motivation; manage the team and team members; solve problems, find solutions, meet challenges

identify and describe your vision of an IDEAL future - then ask yourself “what” MUST have Happened?”

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"Just trying harder MAY be enough - much better to think of DIFFERENT ways"   (from the book "THINK ABOUT IT!")

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