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-   helping dental practice teams help their patients in “New Normal” times !

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Design your own Training using our unique range of

“How Good ARE We At .....?” questionnaires

training designed BY team members FOR team members

Call Rick Whitehead on 07831 345 373 or email him to discuss possibilities


Using his many years experience working with dental practices, Rick has created 3 easy-to-complete (about 10 minutes each) questionnaires for ideally ALL team members to complete - anonymously - the 12 questions in each questionnaire, ask team members to score (out of 5) the practice as a whole (not themselves or other individuals) eg, for “individuals offer to help each other and with other jobs, without being asked”, if you think all do, you score 5, if you thinks most do, you score 3 or 4, but you only score 1 or 2 if you think few, if any, do!

1. How good are we at....... Teamworking and Communications?

2. How good are we at....... Customer Care? (our Patients are our Customers)

3. How good are we at....... HELPING Patients to Buy? (ethical selling)

And no-one will ever know what anyone scored for any question!


Recently a CQC inspector, when shown the collated results of an Impetus “How Good Are We At Teamwork?” questionnaire (completed anonymously by all members of the practice team) commented: "this is one of the best team training aids I have ever seen” !


"Just trying harder MAY be enough - much better to think of DIFFERENT ways"   (from the book "THINK ABOUT IT!")

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to help you further analyse what you need / want in the way of tailor-made training, please see What do we WANT

Rick then analyses all the questionnaires, without having any idea who completed each one, and then discusses the collated results with practice management to overlay them onto their Needs Analysis and identify priority subjects for group training and/or coaching.