BESPOKE TEAMBUILDING DAYS and other Workshops from Rick

I am now ready to offer my famous TEAMBUILDING days again. So if, as you browse this site, you think your team

might enjoy and learn from the experiences illustrated, get in touch - AND I am also happy to design and deliver

2 to 4 hour BESPOKE Workshops for your people on any of the subjects in this site - see below for examples

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... as part of our preparation, team members anonymously complete a "How Good Are We At Teamwork" questionnaire of 12 key "symptoms of teamwork". Results are presented and discussed on the day - a fun and stress-free way of debating how teamworking can improve. Rick also always visits practices to research both the goals and needs of the practice AND the wishes of every individual team member. NO-ONE is ever asked to participate in any activity unless they are looking forward to doing so!


... the day's content - the activities THEY want to take part in (unanimous agreement); they also choose THE VENUE - ideally a "country house" type of hotel with nice outdoor gardens or surrounding countryside facilitating the actives they have chosen. This consultation with team members ensures they "look forward" to THEIR day, rather then being "sent" on a course! And, as a result, they both enjoy themselves and learn more!


How to Make a

TRULY TAILOR-MADE TEAMBUILDING 3 - designed with 3 considerations.....

... 1. TeamBUILDING (relationships);  ... 2. TeamWORKING (egs synchronising, communications, resolving issues); ... 3. MOTIVATING

... PLUS current practice goals, issues and challenges you may wish to discuss and the functional job skills you wish to prioritise, egs. Listening, Debating, Body Language, Assertiveness (eg asking for money!)

TRULY TAILOR-MADE FEES for Teambuilding Days! £950 for up to 10 team members, extra £100; including: vat, all materials (books, etc); Impetus time for research visits to practice and chosen venue; excluding: venue, accommodation costs as necessary; agreed Impetus expenses

Photos below are of practices enjoying teambuilding in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Bristol, Yorkshire, Edinburgh. Birmingham, Blackburn and Hampshire.

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click a photo to expand it and go to Happy Practices for case studies of practices Rick has helped

2 to 4 hour BESPOKE Workshops


If you have any Teamworking or Customer Care topic you wish to train or refresh team members in, Rick will happily design and deliver either a 2 hour (eg over a long lunch break) or 4 hour workshop for you. 

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Maybe a situation or challenge like recruiting more patients or providing more specialised treatments or reducing waiting time; or specific functions like use of the telephone, or tasks, or roles. Whatever the topic, Rick would research your circumstances to ensure learning was practical and immediately applicable.

OR... Tailor-Made for you...

Experiential Profiling - 2 or 4 hours, choose from: Teamworking; Customer/Patient Care; Helping Patients to Buy; The Persuasive Professional 

How Good Are WE? - 2 hours, choose from: Teamworking; Customer/Patient Care; Helping Patients to Buy

Listening and Assertiveness - 2 or 4 hours, depending on numbers, with "case studies" of real patients and situations

Whatever the subject prices are £500 for two hours and £750 for four hours up to 10 people - extra £30 or £50 each