be the BEST you can

“Now more then ever in a 'New Normal', team members need the BEST Teamworking, Communicating and Customer Care skills to help patients feel positive and grateful following their experience in YOUR practice."

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“And to help your practice be THE best, I have, during the inactivity of the pandemic, transformed my most popular material into Self Help Books and D.I.Y. Resources so that now, in 2022, I can offer practices a new CHOICE.”


Circle Dental, Manchester, at Tatton Park, Cheshire - Wednesday 22 June 2022see case study

  1. You can now purchase SELF HELP BOOKS books that are easy to read guides for any team member and/or ....

  2. You can now purchase D.I.Y. KITS for group learning activities to use yourself any way and as often as you like - at practice meetings for example AND/OR ......


see our range of


use your DIY kits 

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as often as you want

please ask Rick

YES - Wednesday 22 June 2022 - WE'RE BACK!

to do it for you!

... you can again brief ME to prepare and deliver TAILOR MADE events for you, as

I have always done, but now updated after consulting you, for YOUR new normal.

Photos in this site show team members ENJOYING THEMSELVES (as well as learning!) See Happy Practices for a selection of case studies