Rick Whitehead

Rick Whitehead - Happy 2022 - Here's Hoping!

Rick, the founder of Impetus Training, has worked with dental professionals for more than

20 years, helping them develop their communicating, interactive and persuasive skills.

Though Rick hasn't held any of his famous teambuilding events since 2019

he has used the "opportunity" the pandemic has presented to transform

his original material into practical "Self Help" books and "D.I.Y."

guides and resources to enable practices to.......


Now more then ever, in the “New Normal”, all team members will need the Communicating and “Customer” Care skills

which ensure patients (and potential patients) FEEL positive and grateful as a result of their experience in YOUR practice

None of the books are text books or "academic" in any way. They are all Self Help books - conceived to help readers grow, especially in their interactive and strategic abilities. And not only in their workplaces, but also in social and family situations. They are an “easy read” - enjoyable as well as informative - and used in group, at a practice meeting for example, can stimulate lots of debate about applications in your practice - and frequent laughter!

Rick with the Smiles & More Team, Holders Hill

The D.I.Y. Resources include “KITS” for the activities which have proved most popular with practices over the years - a selection of indoor and outdoor exercises which PLEASE NOTE can be adapted and modified by Rick to ensure they will meet your unqiue needs.

TEAMBUILDING and bespoke two hour workshops from Rick

Though I am not planning to venture out at the moment, I am not planning to retire either - not from a vocation that gives me considerable pleasure and fulfilment (and I am only a couple of years older now than in the photo on the left!)

Therefore I WILL BE offering my TEAMBUILDING days again, hopefully quite soon. So if you think you may want one of these for your team - or indeed a tailor-made TWO HOUR WORKSHOP on any of the subjects you see in this site - there’s no harm done enquiring and discussing it.    -    07831 345 373

Photos in this site show team members all over the UK ENJOYING THEMSELVES

(as well as learning!) And see Happy Practices for a selection of case studies